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Re: Question
Date: Fri Jan 26 1996 - 15:21:52 PST

I am not qualified to answer Vijay's question but thougt that I might
add a comment.  These actions of Narayana form part of His Leelas and
even Adi Sesha who goes on describing the glories of these Leelas
with His unlimited mouths cannot complete description for even one
day.  I remember listening to one of Sri Krishna Premee's cassettes
where he gives at least half a dozen interpretations to one act of
Sita throwing a blade of grass when Ravana goes to see Her at Ashoka

Hopefully Sri Sadagopan and other scholars on the group will attempt
to answer this interesting question.

I have not read anywhere that Rama ceased to be an Avatara.  As far
as I know among the Dasavatara only Parasurama ceased to be an
avatara because he was a jivatma like us who was pervaded by Narayana
for a certain period of time.  Rama was never a jivatma and therefore
His ceasing to be an Avatara does not arise.  Infact when Rama's
11,000 years were finished, He simply "walked away" (to
Vaikuntham) and asked the interested citizens of Ayodhya to follow -
and they all did.  If Rama had not been Narayana till the end they
would not have done so.