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Date: Fri Jan 26 1996 - 06:15:23 PST

Dear Vaishnavas,
	I've the following question which I had in my mind for a long
		From 1100 C.E onwards many Vaishnava temples including 
	divyadeshams like Srirangam were overran by Muslim invaders 
	and many of them were destroyed. Why did our Lord Narayana allow
	this to happen eventhough it caused so much distress to his
	dear bhakthas [like Sri Vedanta desikar] ?  Even I feel anguished
	when I think about it. Sree NArayana is trigunaathitha and he is 
	also Achutha. So whatever HE does is never never wrong. So can
	somebody enlighten me why such things happen. Maybe the answer
	is simple.
	While I'm at it I will also like to add the following comments 
	on the discussions Ramayana. 
	1. In one of the sattivika puranas [Padma or Brahma or Narada;
	I don't remember which one exactly, i read them long back and 
	hence can't quote exactly] Rama had to live in separation from
	Sita due to a curse Vishnu had from Tulasi.
	2. Narayana or his avataras CAN NEVER BE WRONG IN ANY OF
	HIS ACTIONS. Also whatever HE does is consistent with all of his
	other lilas too. HE is supreme enough to do so. 
	3. Somebody made a comment that after the killing of RAvana,
	 since the purpose of avatara is over we can treat Rama
	as just like a pious king [or something to this order. I didn't
	save that post]. He is no more to be treated as avatara. I 
	simply don't understand how it can be so.