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Request for final Proof Reading for pasurams having "dual references"

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Jan 26 1996 - 04:41:52 PST

There are certain paasurrams classifed under certain temples, but the
vyaagyaanams from different schools differ on them. One such example is that
the mention of "viNNagar" in the thiruvanthaathi paasuram I had posted on
Sholingar few days back.. It is acknowledged by some schools that this is
referred to "ThiruviNNagar" or Oppiliappan Koil (as also found in the temple
protocol), however, some of the schools followed by Vadagalai iyengars and some
of the books like LIFCO etc, mentions that as per poorvaachaayar
(Raamaanujar's) vyaakyaanam this refers to Sri vaikundam. If this paasuram  is
not included in that temple's listing, then one aazwaar name itself will not
come in under this temple. So It depends on who is doing this task and with
reference to which book. My suggestion is that we should try to accomodate and
include as many paasurams as possible under a temple so that a positive
inclusion of every school of thoughts is envisioned. Though there are not so
many "such" paasurams having such dual references, it is preferred some one
from each school or some one or a group of us who have access to different
viyaagyaanamas from various schools, proof read each of these stahala puraanam
references before we call it  completed.
Sampath Rengi

Sampath Rengi