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Moksha and suffering
Date: Thu Jan 25 1996 - 15:00:05 PST

I have not explained myself on a brief comment about Moksha, which
resulted in Mani's rebuttal.  Samsara is fear, pain etc caused by
forgetfulness about one's relationship with God.  Moksha is
reestablishment of such a relationship on a permanent basis without a
moment's interruption.  There is no interruption of such service
because of worldly pleasure, pain, heat, cold etc.  There is
definitely both pleasure and pain as a result of dealing with
Narayana.  Eg Srirangam was occupied by Muslim invaders for about 30
years.  Vedanta Desikar stayed for 12 of these years in a village in
Karnataka crying to the Lord everyday to come back and allow His
devotees to worship as before.  Meerabai sings in one song "There is
no comfort that I have not sacrificed for you.  I have nothing left
to give.  Yet you are not appearing before me...".  The Gopis were
crying everyday of their lives after Krishna left Vrindavana for
Mathura.  Acharyas feel great pain for people struggling in samsara
but who are yet unwilling to take advice on how to get out of it.
The opposite of this is pleasure on seeing the Lord, doing Kirtana,
doing His Thiruvaradhanai, decorating Him with garlands.

This kind of pleasure and pain starts just before Moksha and
continues for ever.