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From: krish (
Date: Thu Jan 25 1996 - 05:16:57 PST

mani's response to
<> Attaining Moksha does not mean getting rid of pain
> and suffering.>
is excellent.  My own comments are not so technical.
Physical suffering is real, stomache, cancer and so 
on. One gets suitable medication But man/women by 
nature has a thinking mind. And this strays/ wandes
and feels concern and mental pain. I rhink this is
where the seeking of nirvana or moksha is sought.
A gyani probably uses his wisdom to reason and remove
from his thoughts such mental anxieties and reaches a
state of no anguish, one of contentment. I suppose
one can call him a jeevan mukta. Such a step is
arduous and not easy for everyone. Bhakti comes in
here. By surrendering to Narayana in your thughts,
easy to accomplish if one steadfastly sticks to
acharams and prayers etc., one can achieve this
mental peace. Such a step needs only discipline
and acceptance, simpler than being wise. 
A karma yogi depends entirel on his detached
action to keep up with his salvation search.