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Thirumangai Aruliccheyalga--Part 3 .1;Re:Tmangai Arul P3.1
Date: Mon Jan 22 1996 - 22:54:07 PST

RE:Tmangai Aruliccheyalga-Prt 3 .1;

 I enjoyed the excellent analysis of the various
Philosophical systems by  Mr. sadagopan said.

I just want to point out two discrepancies(?)
@@@The Jains under Maha Vira and 
the successive Thirtankaras @@@

Mahavira is considered the last and 
the 24 th thirthankara of jains.

 @@@@The Azhwaars and Nayanmaars reestablished
the pristine  place of Vaidhic systems; 
the Acharyas that  followed  were
inspired by the works of their predecessors &  
built the Visishtadvaita, Advaita and Dvaita
schools of religion  and strengthened the 
heterodox systems furhter.@@@@ 
Perhaps this should mean  they strengthened 
orthodox systems
K. sreekrishna (Tatachar)