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Date: Mon Jan 22 1996 - 22:13:42 PST

The effect of Bhagavatha apacharam is narrated 
eloquently in the  AMBHAREESHA UPAKHYANAM.
I am quoting this story, Although this is besides the
point raised by Mr. Jaganath ( I realize he was referring
to the point that Sita and Rama are beyond Apacharams).

 The greatest of the sins is Bhagavatha apacharam.
All sorts of sins can be redeemed, but not
Bhagavathaapacharam. Here is a story from Bhagavatam
to illustrate this point.
King Ambhareesha of the Ikshvaku race was a great bhakta.
 He practised Ekadashi vratam with utmost
sincereity. Once sage Durvasar visited him on Ekadashi
day. He greeted the rishi well and the next day (Dwadashi) at the
early hours invited him for the meals.  But Durvasar
said he would join him after morning rites and departed
to a nearby river. The Rishi did not return for a long time.
Ambhareesha waited, waited and waited. Finally, the king 
did not want the dwadashi to pass by without breaking fast.
This would mean vratabhangam. Thus he decided to have
at least a sip of water (as he did not want to have meals
in the absence of his guest). The king had just taken a sip of water,
at which time Durvasar returned and was enraged at the king.
Durvasar created a monster with one of his hair and set it
against the king. The bhootam was about to engulf the king.

Ambhareesh is a great devotee. He had the protection of
Lord's Sudarshana Chakram. The Chakram destroyed the
 bhootam at once and with intense flames proceeded to
attack Durvasar. Durvasar fled to Kailasam and prayed to Siva,
which was of no use.  He then fled to Brahma lokam and 
sought Chaturmukha Brahma's help-no use again. Finally
he arrived in Vaikuntam. At the sight of Durvasar, Vishnu
enquired the cause of his concern. Durvasar narrated 
his plight and requested  Vishnu to stop His Chakram.
Vishnu said, while it is true that Chakram is His, but He
can not stop it, because Durvasar has committed BHAGAVATHAPACHARAM. He can
not do anything.
When Durvasar pleaded further, Vishnu showed
him a way out and suggested Durvasar to surrender
to Ambhareesha. That of course worked, because 
as soon as Ambhareesh praised thus:
Saharaditya sankasham
Sahasravadanam param I
SahasradOh sahasrAaram
prapadyeham Sudarshanam II
the Chakram was quitened by this stuti.
(Reference: Pages 120-121: 
Sri Ramakathasara - Kannada 
version of lectures on Ramayana 
by Srirangam Srimad Andavan 
Swamigal, Kannada translation
 by Mattur Krishna Murthy, 
Published by Shankara Murthy, 
Guruguha gana Nilaya,  1367, 
VII Main, Sriramapuram, Bangalore 560021)

K. Sreekrishna(tatachar)