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Date: Mon Jan 22 1996 - 21:46:21 PST

Mr. Jaganath said
@@@@K. Sreekrishna's comments on Ramayana do not agree with Visishtadvaita
philosophy on the following grounds.  Rama and Sita cannot commit apacharams.
 They own everything and they make laws. They are themselves not bound by the
laws except where the choose to follow the laws@@@@@

Srirangam Srimad Thirukudnadai Andavan (Kannan Swamigal)
in his Ramayana pravachanam says as follows about
the inner meaning of Sita Apaharanam:

Worldly desires keep us away from Paramatma.
Sita's worldly ambition to have the golden deer 
resulted in her separation from Rama. Through this 
Sita showed to the world that as long as we are indulged
in worldly desires, we will remain farther and farther
from the Paramatama.

In addition to her desire for the golden deer, 
Sita insulted Lakshmana(Bhagavatapacharam).
The Bhagavathapachara phalam further assured
her separation from Rama. 

Thus by her example, Sita showed to the world 
that Vishaya Sukhecchei (Desire to indulge in worldly
things) and Bhagavathapacharam (insult to Bhaktas)  would lead to Ghoravada
Phala (grave consequences).

(Reference: Page 119: 
Sri Ramakathasara - Kannada 
version of lectures on Ramayana 
by Srirangam Srimad Andavan 
Swamigal, Kannada translation
 by Mattur Krishna Murthy, 
Published by Shankara Murthy, 
Guruguha gana Nilaya,  1367, 
VII Main, Sriramapuram, Bangalore 560021)

Whether this is a 100% valid interpretation as per
 Sri-Vaishnava philosophy, I believe so,  but
am unable to defend. 

K. Sreekrishna(tatachar)