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From: krish (
Date: Mon Jan 22 1996 - 07:47:50 PST

The recent discussion on Sita and incidences in Ramayana
that are questioable, is interesting. My comments:
1. Rama as youth going with Viswamitra is easily exolained.
Vishwanitra does not need Rama's help since he has proved
his power ( thri-sanku-swarga). However it provided
Rama an ooportunty to learn and later meet Sita.
@. But Sita's, Vali's and Surpanaka's fates are open to
3. If one tries to explain it on the basis of Karma, is
not RAMA above it. After all HE can circumvent it for his
devotee ( the pupose of Bhakti to achieve salvation).
4. From a women's point of view, the treatment of 
Sita is not pleasant, to the sat the least. The only
explanation is that the status of women was not then
what it is now. That way puranas are old fashioned in their
Krishna Praba