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Date: Sat Jan 20 1996 - 21:00:21 PST

Date:  Sat, Jan 20, 1996 01:29 AM EDT
From:  Tatachar
Subj:  Ramayana

Here are some more thoughts about the apparent discrepancies in Valmiki

1. Bhagavatha apacharam by Sita towards Lakshmana (forced him out to go to
Rama's assistance with abusive words at the deer episode) and Hanuman
(refused to be carried by him back to Rama).

2. Sita accompanied Rama to forest, against the will of all the elders
including Rama concerned.  Holier than thou attitude.

Because of #1 and 2, Sita had to suffer abduction and banishment.

3. Rama caused deep pain to Bharatha and Kaikaeyi (also to kausalya and
Sumithra) by not returning to Ayodhya when they requested him to return.
After all it is quite clear that Dasharatha never wanted Rama to go to
forest. It was Kaikeyi's idea. So when Kaikeyi retracted her demand of
 Rama's  exciled, where is the need for Rama insisting to  fulfill his word
to Dasharatha? 

As a result of the pain he caused, his judgement was blurred at the sight of
the deer and Sita was abducted.

4. Rama ceased to be an avataram after fulfilling the task of killing Ravana.
Then on he was just a noble King of the Raghuvamsha.
(Did not remarry after banishment of Sita, although his noble father had 3
wives. The reason for this is that Dasharatha did not have progeny, so he was
trying; however, Sita was pregnant at the time of banishment). 

5. To make the narrtaion more dramatic, and challenging, the poet Valmiki may
have introduced some  of these turns and twists.

6. Just as the few cloudy days and the eclipse do not taint the Sun in any
big or permanaent way, so also these turns and twists do not
impact the glory of Rama.

7. These instances that are boggling to us may as well be there as  dhrushti
bhottus (to ward of evil eyes) for the nearly perfect characters of Rama and
As we know, it is difficult to make fine jewelery with 24 carrot gold, so a
small amount of inferior metal is added to work the gold!
K. Sreekrishna(tatachar)