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From: krish (
Date: Fri Jan 19 1996 - 09:57:20 PST

I am thrilled at the response to my querry on dowry.
I am proud of the young men who have been so forthright
on the topic. To equate dowry to a share of the family
wealth, as suggested by J is not valid. One inherits
after the demise. Women should have a right for 
inheritance ( recall all the second and subsequent
sons in UK had to leave for Australia etc. to find
a fortune since they could not inherit!).
The problem with dowry is it is conditional.
I think, "arranging" a marriage is the root
cause. In such a method, alliances are based on
economic status, caste, looks etc. In a 
unarranged marriage except by the boy and girl
involved, the prime questionof interest is
compatibilty and they find it for themselves.
The seervarisai is practiced with more 
conditions than just dowry, vessels, saris,
suits, cars and so on. Can't a young man start 
on his own?