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Re: Vali vadam

From: Parthasarathy Ranganathan (
Date: Thu Jan 18 1996 - 13:51:56 PST

> 3). As to Sugriva's incident, I don't have an explanation. Incidentally,
>  you might recall Rama kills Vali by hiding behind a bush - against all
>  rules of combat. I am sure it would be a piece of cake for Rama to
> come out in the open and finish off Vali just as easily as you and I could 
> exterminate a mosquito. I suspect Valmiki, being a very wise saint, had
> good reason portray the incident the way he did. 
>                                              M. Sheshadri
	Vali had a boon that he would acquire (half) the powers of the
opponent with whom he had face-to-face combat. That was why Rama had to
"hide behind the bush". This _is_ against rules of combat, That is why Rama
tells Vali that in his next avataram as Krishna, He would suffer the same
fate (when the hunter kills Him thinking His foot to be a deer). I havent
followed this thread in its totality (I came back from India only
yesterday). Sorry if I am repeating something that was already mentioned. 

					-- partha
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