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Rama Avataara
Date: Thu Jan 18 1996 - 20:57:05 PST

It is not totally correct to say that Rama has not been portrayed as
an Avataara.  It is true that Valmiki has not portrayed Raama in the
same way that Vyasa has portrayed Krishna.  But when requesting Rama
and Lakshmana to be sent with him Vishvamitra tries to convince the
appalled Dasharatha by describing Rama as "rAmam satyam parAkramam"
or that Rama is the absolute truth - a description not applicable to
jivatmas.  Rama Himself says in His famous charama shloka "Sakradeva
prapannAya tavAsmiti cha yAchatE.  abhayam sarva bhutebhyo dadAmye
tat vratam mama."  For one who even once surrenders to Me tells Me
that I am Yours, I promise all protection."  Vedanta Desikar states
in RTS that (1) One jivatma cannot become a dasa of another jivatma,
and (2) One jivatma cannot protect another jivatma.  Being a maryAda
Purusha and an expert in Dharma shastras Rama would not have been
unaware of these two facts before making the statement.

and (3) in the conversations between Dasaratha and Kaikeyi which my
wife was reading to me a couple of days ago Dasaratha indirectly
indicates that Rama is Bhagavan.  I do not have my references here
but I could research it if anyone else wants the exact context.

Regarding a point made earlier that Dharma as indicated in the
Itihaasas are not as clear as our Acharyas have made them out to be:
 Dharma is perfectly clear for our Acharyas.  We have difficulty in
understanding the same because of avidya.  Avidya gets reduced in
proportion to Acharya seva and Bhagavata Seva and is got rid of
totally at the time of Moksha.