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From: krish (
Date: Thu Jan 18 1996 - 05:07:39 PST

I saw a note from  shashi "Sita had to prove
her Pativrata-ism. This assumes superiority of
Man over Woman. This is the basis of all our
puranas. Even Manu, changes his views on women
there were many female rishis, and gives woman
a subservient role. 
When did GOD as Ardha-naari-iswara arise?
This does not deter the philosphy of Sri
Vaishanvism. Ramanuja's greaatest contribution
was to open up the Bhakyimarga to all to
attain Moksha, irrespective of caste. Prof.
A.L.Herman claims that Bhakti opened up
salvation even to non Hindus ( born I guess ).
What I have disagreed with the group is
our lack of interest in filtering out 
the messages in view of our modern knowledge
of things as they have and will develop.
Krishna Prab