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From: krish (
Date: Thu Jan 18 1996 - 04:42:50 PST

Lakshmi eloquently writes about women and Hinduism.
Her comment on Draupadi "having 5 husbands" applies to
Kunthi as well who had four progenitor(?) besides
Pandu. Was it her revenge on her 5 kids?
Man views " A woman is always considered a temptress"
and this is a natural behavior is open to question.
My daughter-in-law claims that all sexual bias and 
symbolism(the bosom for eg.) is acquired on the
part of man in early of his growth. I do have to
agree that there is a close corelation to woman's
status and a country's economic and social status.
India's poverty will not go unless this attitude
to women changes. The women who have reached power
have been able to do it not on talent but on
social circumstances ( daughter of so and so or
a movie queen, generally 2 dimensional).
The only noteworthy character among women is Amba in
Mahabharata. She proves her mettle.
Krishna Praba