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Re: Rama's treatment of Sita

From: Shashikanth Hosur (
Date: Wed Jan 17 1996 - 19:26:54 PST

On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Mani Varadarajan wrote:

> On Jan 17,  8:49pm, Shashikanth Hosur wrote:
> > But In his talks Ramana Maharshi says that the actions of person who has
> > realised his self may seem ordinary but he beyond them.
> This discussion is purely in the context of Rama as
> a the embodiment of dharma.  As such, we are taught
> to look to Rama's behavior as a guide. To say that
> his behavior is ``beyond our understanding'' is a copout.
I am not saying that his behaviour is beyond our understanding. How is it 
possible for us judge a person of such a stature when we ourselves are 
incomplete.  For a man who is detached where is the question of sorrow.  
Thats what Ramana Maharshi points out.  
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