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From: krish (
Date: Wed Jan 17 1996 - 04:34:08 PST

Laksmi N Srinivasa writes 
 " One more thing is they 
have a "girl child". This point I am highlighting is due to the fact that 
"Seervarisai or dowry" is a problem when it comes to marraige of the 
child when it comes to that age. "
This points out the need for defining the
ethics of SriVaishnavism. I have always felt that the
leadership of Acharyas is missing in many social refroms.
One could argue that it is not their task. But they
have influence. There are many young men and women
in our group. From the mailings one notes they plan
to go home and get married. I am sure most of them
are able to support themselves. Will they undertake
an oath for themselves not to demand dowry and even go
further to assist in the marriage expenses?
In the old days, my dad paid a small sum to my grandfather
when he got married to my mother. Dowry was a taboo in
our homes. But I have personally paid a dowry to my
sister long ago when I found that the groom's father had
to find money for his daughters' marriages. But when will 
this stop? Couple dread having female children in India?
Marriage ceremonies have become a circus? 
Is arranged marriage a cause? 
Krishna Praba