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"Tatachar's views"

From: Lakshmi N Srinivasa (
Date: Tue Jan 16 1996 - 17:11:50 PST

Dear members,
I agree with lot of Sri.Tatachar's views on "SVTK" and its goals. 
Moreover, the Bhattar at Cincinnati temple does the aradhana for more 
than two to three hours. It is actually a feast to watch him doing the 
aradhana and three to four local guys (especially Sri.Tatachar and 
Malolan , our group members) also joined the aradhana (chanting of 
mantras etc) with the bhattar during the holidays and especially during 
the "Margazhi Month". Infact,I can say that the Bhattar has created an 
awareness of how importance is Margazhi month for the whole Indian 
community at Cincinnati. 

Possibly, such bhattars can make a difference. Even back home at India, I 
can remember one such bhattar who made a great difference. He is "Madhava 
Bhattar" from Thirunangur, 7miles away from Seerkazhi in TamilNadu. He 
used to perform "aradhana to Perumal in great detail" and also he will 
take some people to his house for feeding them. The most unfortunate 
thing for such a good soul is that his house is old (probably 
dilapidated), his wife and mother are wearing "old and slightly torn 
saris" (atleast the day I visited that temple). One more thing is they 
have a "girl child". This point I am highlighting is due to the fact that 
"Seervarisai or dowry" is a problem when it comes to marraige of the 
child when it comes to that age. 

This is just to highlight the "problems" about the state of bhattars. 
Even in a big town like "Kanchi" this is the status of bhattars for some 
temples. More than funding temples, we should also strive to improve the 
income of the bhattars.

Azhwargal Thiruvadigale charanam
Lakshmi Narasimhan Srinivasa

Vanamali Gati Saarngee Changee chakreecha Nandaki
Sriman NarayanoVishnur Vasudevobi Rakshatu
------Parayana Sloka in Vishnu Sahasranama-----

Lakshmi N. Srinivasa,,