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Subject: Some thoughts on SVTK activities

Dear Prapatti members,

Several people have already proposed numerous
possible activities and discussed the pros and cons
etc. quite well. I like to add some of my thoughts
in addition to what others have already stated.
I am sort of brainstorming here.

1. COMMIT: Membership fee such as $108/yr is fine with me.
This should be a suggested fee and not a must.
Members can commit and contribute in many ways and
not paying the fee should not exclude them.
Thus, members of Prapatti/Bhakti net work
are automatically members of SVTK, unless
someone specifically requests not to be.

2. SHARE: I support the Thondar Madal (news letter)
idea on the lines of what has been said in support
of this. If not anything this could be a useful
source of information. It can also go on internet
like the Hinduism Today monthly. As implied,
this will be a by-product of the Prapatti
net-work discussions. 

3.  ORGANIZE: Make effort to prepare a directory of
Sri-Vaishnavas in North America. We can work
with NAMA organization to have a comprehensive
list. This list can be valuable for fund raising,
subscription of Thondatr Madal Journal etc.

4. POPULARIZE: We can  attempt to convince popular 
media such as National Geographic,
to publish a colorful,  informative and user friendly  
article(s) on the 108 Dds(By-product of 108 Dds CD-ROM)

5. CELEBRATE: We should do the same as in item #4 with 
magazines and media that cater to Indians.
News India Times and India World are 
particularly supportive (By-product of 108 DDs CD-ROM) 

6. REACH OUT: We could publish a daily divine digest
(hard copy and /or for the computer) with
Sri-Vaishnava themes. Like one Pasuram
explained with a picture of an Abhimana
sthalam or DD.

7. LIVE AND GROW: A basic book on Sri-Vaishnavism to guide the families to
preserve and propogate Sri-Vaishnavism.

8. IMPRESS: Just imagine. If we can convince one divya desham 
(Thirumala Thirupathi Devasthanams) which has an 
annual income of sixty million dollar to set aside 1% 
of the earnings in a trust to save the other Dds- just 
the interest will be a substantial amount 
(about $ 90,000 per year)! 

9. INVOLVE & INFORM: In general we should take active
 role in the local Hindu Temples (I know, many of us are
already doing this) and help recruit 
Sri-Vaishnava priests to temples whenever and
wherever there is a chance. I can never over state
 how valuable the Prapatti
net work was in helping our temple to
recruit Sri Srinivasa Bhattar. It is just
astonising to see, how much Sri Srinivasa
Bhattar has impacted the Hindu community
in Cincinnati within a matter of less than 3 
wintery months. We should not feel too
sensitive or secluded or exclusive. We have a
wonderful practical philosophy with practise
details directly coming from our founders
why not share it freely. I can not think of
too many Acharyas (like Ramanuja) who 
went across the caste lines and also re-established 
Temple rites. Only Iyengars, among the Brahmins
who have the advantage of having so many 
non-Brahmins among their purvacharyas. Let us
share this closely guarded truth(secret) .
Thus, a properly trained Sri-Vaishnava Bhattar
with the help of people like us in the community
who can communicate in English,  can inform
many people (not just us)! A local Sri-Vaishnava
Bhattar will help to reinforce the practises to
Sri-Vaishnavas, as well as help the non-Sri Vaishnavas
to foster Hindu religious heritage. 

K. Sreekrishna (Tatachar)
PS: in the ineterest of size, I have not quoted
specific references to suggestions of other members
which I have freely used here!
I hope the sources are fresh in members mind as
these discussions are fairly recent.
-K. Sreekrishna (Tatachar)