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Re: SVTK Financial support
Date: Tue Jan 16 1996 - 18:11:48 PST

In Dwapara Yuga when Krishna and Balarama were here doing their
vibhava leelas, They asked Their Gopa friends to seek charity from a
group of Brahmanas who were doing some yagnas.  The brahamanas
refused considering the boys to be unworthy recipients of charity.
Krishna once offered a fruit vendor a few grains when he was barely
three years old, and wanted many fruits in exchange as the barter
system was customary those days.  Even though the few grains were of
no real use to the fruit vendor, she still gave Krishna all the
fruits He wanted.  The remaining fruits in her cart later turned into
expensive jewels rivalling those owned by kings and emperors.

Every one knows what happened to Sudama when he gave Krishna a bundle
of husk.  Krishna in these incidents taught by example what He was to
later preach in the Geeta, "As you surrender unto Me, so shall I
reward you".

SVTK may be looked upon by those of us with some money to spare as an
opportunity afforded by Krishna to serve Him by maintaining His
divyakshetras.  I feel however there should be many levels of
membership such as life member supporting member etc depending upon
the affordability levels of the members.  Maybe some one can come up
with an analysis of exactly how much money is required for SVTK's
causes and how much of that can realistically be raised by membership