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From: Aravinda Pillalamarri (
Date: Sun Jan 14 1996 - 18:44:50 PST

just now I have come from reciting the Vishnu Sahasranamam at my 
favourite temple, which is in Ashland, Massachusetts; and so I feel that 
it is a propitious time to introduce myself in this group devoted to 
vaishNava bhakti and prapatti.  I am not a tamizh person, but I have 
become very much interested in Andal's tiruppAvai.  During this 
dhanurmAsam I was able to go one day to the Bridgewater temple (in NJ) 
where they have elaborate dhanurmAsa puja, including tiruppAvai recital, 
every morning.  I felt very blessed for this occasion, I was happy to 
learn that there was a group of people who might be able to share with me 
their own traditions pertaining to tiruppAvai, dhanurmAsam, and 
sankrAnti.  Looking forward to learning and possibly contributing myself, 
I hope that you will welcome me to your group.