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Pongal day& Sri Vaishanavas

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Jan 14 1996 - 18:37:57 PST

Smt. Parimala Rangarajan had a question on the
significance of Pongal day for Sri Vaishnavas. 
Pongal day is also Makara Sankaranthi day or 
the day ,when Utarayana Punya Kalam starts.
This is the day , when the  Semiannual  
solistice happens and the Sun 
progresses North of the equator.

>From Sri Vaishnava point of view, it is the day 
of Srivilliputtur AandaL Neerata Utsava Sarru.
Thiruppavai Sarrumurai day falls on this day as well
at Srirangam and other Vaishnava Temples. If 
Margazhi is sacred for Thiruppavai, one can say that
Thai is famous for Nacchiyar Thirumozhi.It begins 
with "Thai Oru Thingalum Tarai Vilakki----
Venkatavarkkennai VitikkiRRiyeh ". This Year 
Thai First and Thingal Kizhamai come together
and  has thus  a strong  association with AandaaL's 
Nacchiyar Thrumozhi , In these 143 pasurams,
AandaaL prays to Kama Deve to Unite her 
with Sri Venkatesa, expresses her feelings 
exquisitely about union with the Lord and finally
sees him in Brindhavanam and explains that
divine darsanam to her friends. That is the  added 
significance this Year.


>From Jyothisham point of view, there is elaborate
symbolism on the Makara Sankaranthi Murthy(MSM) .
That is used to predict number of happenings for
the different sectors of Society. This Year's MSM's
name is Duvaankshi.