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Date: Sat Jan 13 1996 - 20:07:34 PST

Hello Fellow Dasas:
		It was indeed a pleasant surprise to have accidentally come upon
Mani's E-mail address on the Internet. We are good family friends of Mani's
parents and our friendship goes back many years. Unfortunately however, our
relocation a few years ago made it difficult to keep each other informed of all
the developments in the family and had lost track of Mani. It gives us great
pleasure to meet him in this way and we thank him for adding our names to the
"Bhakti" mailing list.	Keshava & Bhargavi Prasad.
		I have been getting Bhakti E-mail and it has made interesting
reading so far. I  find that some discussions are  too long and some of the
others are strongly opinionated. This is not a problem however. Because I can
bring my own opinions to the table. There is one little problem though. My
knowledge of Srivaishnavism heritage and literature is limited. The practice of
vaishnavism in my daily life is limited to Nityasandhyavandanams which I perform
with great conviction and in detail. I am interested in increasing the depth of
my knowledge about Srivaishnavism, its proponents and development and I believe
that I can do that through my membership in the "Bhakti" forum.

		I am also interested in learning about contemporary efforts in
spreading the message of Srivaishnavism in the context of "Melting Pot"
philosophy  of the multiculturism in which, we all play a part in one way or the
other in this country. Depending on the feedback I get, I can bring you
up-to-date with the activities of a group which has just launched a campaign to
"revive" Srivaishanavism in this country. By the way, some of us are getting
together tomorrow on a temple premises to observe "Koodarai Vellum". Those of us
who are knowledgeable, are going to recite "Tiruppavai". Happy Pongal everyone !

Keshava Prasad......................103020,