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Volunteers for the 108 DD Project.

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jan 13 1996 - 07:09:59 PST

Dear  Sri Dileepan: I see the project has reached an  
intense effort phase just now. I am happy to volunteer and 
find the time to contribute to the following areas:

Tamil: I am good at reading Tamil and have a good knowledge
of it as it comes to the Source literature. My weakness is 
the use of Transliteration software. I hope it is not  too difficult to 
master that . If I succeed therewith a small tutorial from a member 
of the group, I can help here. Same thing for Sanskrit, if needed.

Scanner: I do not have it.

Time: I will find the time to complete the assigned task by 
going on Overdrive mode for a limited time needed to
complete the task. I can recover later.

Internet: Yes, I have WWW access.

Machine: I have a 486 V DX  2 Processor, 50 MHZ speed,
340 MB HDD , 8MB of RAM and multimedia features.
I also have a Multimedia  lap top , which I have not mastered yet.
I have access to T1 line at work  and other  Multimedia features.
I may  have more opportunity to work at home at night nad  weekends.

In summary, I may be better off helping in the Tamil Transliteration, 
Recitation of Pasurams area if needed. I will send you a sample audio  tape
on Pancha Rama Kshetram, which has an introduction to Rama Avathaaram
as celebrated by our Azhwars through their Pasurams. It is part of a four set
tape covering Ayoddhi , Thiruvelliankudi, Thirupputkuzhi , Thiruvellore and 
Thirupullampoothankudi. The sthala Puranam , the audio on Pasurams and 
the meaning of the Pasurams are on this tape.
 I made it for a Sri Rama Navami celebration .I am mentioning this bevause,
there  were 
some questions on acquiring audio versions of Azhwar's Pasurams and the
problems of copyright from commercial owners. 

Glad to be of help in whichever way I can to this important project.