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AAcharams-what and how: an opinion

From: Vijay Srinivasan (
Date: Fri Jan 12 1996 - 13:09:55 PST

It was interesting to read Koti Sreekrishna's article on the above subject.  It 
is a practical, eventhough not an ideal, approach to pursuing 
Acharam-Anushtanam in our work-a-day world.

Acharam and Anushtanam was never an easy affair even in the olden days.  My 
acharya who used only "well" water and who never failed to perform sandhya 
vandhanam in time, whose acharam was impeccable, always maintained that:"kinthu 
anushtaana nithyatvam swatantryam apakarshathy." (meaning: The practice of 
nitya karmaanushtanam clinches away one's freedom).  We are all 
parathanthrayas.  Like Bharadwaj(Prapatti group member) says a true 
paramaikanthin lives only for Sriman Narayana.  He gladly bears any difficulty 
or embarrasement for the sake of the Lord and that I think is one form of 
Tapas.  It can not be denied that tapas is essential for spiritual progress.

Often I find our approach to the practice of Acaharam and Anushtanam appears to 
be a matter of convenience. Getting up early in the morning, observing some 
niyamanam in food and such things are shunned as old-fashioned.  The Lord says 
in the BG: (Tasmat Shastram Pramanam the karyaakarya vyavathithau).  Shastras 
leave very little room for individual interpretation and the do's and dont's in 
the shastras are generally clear.  Given that backdrop I think I am  very far 
away from that ideal.  To take shelter under desham, kalam etc., I think, is 
only a way of consoling ourselves.  That' why I think the issue of acharam and 
anushtanam should deserve more attention from all of us, so that we can raise 
the general awareness for the benefit of all and probably evolve a new code 
(through acharya's grace) that is more challenging and at the same time in tune 
with the modern times.

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan