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Introduction from Anonymous
Date: Fri Jan 12 1996 - 10:14:08 PST

Re:  Letter of Introduction

Dear members of the Bhakti mailing list, 

Thank you for allowing me to
join your group.  I look forward to learning more about Srivaishnavism, and
related spiritual topics.  

     As this group discusses spiritual matters, I have a question that has
been nagging at me for a while - please let me know if you have any comments.

      It is known that Vishnu took the form of Rama provide the world a model
of conduct.  Why then was it the proper mode of conduct for him in the end of
the Ramayana to dessert Sita in the forest when she was pregnant, just
because a commoner spoke falsely about her?  Why didn't Rama owe Sita a
greater obligation to care for her, and his children, than caring for what an
outsider said?  This has been really bothering me because I know that God
does not act without meaning.  Yet, what is todays society suppossed to learn
from this?     

     I am looking forward to your replies.

     With best regards,