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Re: bhakti-digest V1 #40

From: krish (
Date: Fri Jan 12 1996 - 06:24:51 PST

This is in refernce to thondar KuZZam. The mail is
intriguing. My age, an excuse prompts me to write 
this. The essential problem is funding. When it comes
to donation, it can lead to problems, especially
administration costs. I just dropped bu United Fund when
I learn from a local Indian Organization that the
UF charges 25% for distribution to selected 
charity. At least the Indian community charity
will get only 75%. Also my company donates the same
as I give for some educational places in the US.
My attempts to extend it to Indian campuses has
not been successful. So I feel sending it to
a university here especially to Asian Studies
or Sanskrit etc. will double your donation.
Even then what goes where is a question.
It is better to restrict to existing groups for
donation than to a new one. I still prefer
paying the bhayer a large tip for a mangalarathi
to an aradhana. The bhatter( sp. mistake in the
last line ) kows what to for himself.
The email is good because one learns, ponders
and acts.
Lets us enjoy the status quo.