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introduction to members of the group

From: Rangarajan Sudarsan (sudarsar_at_U.Arizona.EDU)
Date: Fri Jan 12 1996 - 05:58:44 PST

dear mr.mani,
i have attatched with this mail my introduction to the memebers of the 
prappati group. I thankfull to you for making me a memeber in this group 
and providing me with wonderfull oppurtunity to hear more about my 
yours sincerely

Rangarajan sudarsan
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department
University of Arizona, Tucson. Arizona.
office       : AME 210 b Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Building. 
Home address : 1333 N Tyndall avenue.
               Tucson , Arizona 85719
Home phone   : (520)-884-0220.
Office phone : (520)-621-8469
email address:

dear members of the  group namaskaram,
i introduce myself as Sudarsan, iam right now doing my second year of Phd in
Thermal and fluid sciences in Univeristy of Arizona, tucson.
My Background:
I was born and brought up in Madras .(madavelli). Born in a joint family with
a strong tradition in vaishnavism was a gift of god to me. My father is
working in Lucas TVS padi. My ancestoral town is manargudi and our atthu
deivam is Lord. oppilaappan (thiruvinnagar) one of the 108 divya desams. 
Due to blessings of the lord  right from a young age i  have been fortunate to
visit a lot of temples .
I did my schooling in P.S.Senior secondary school,Mylapore,Madras. I 
did my Bachelors in I.I.T madras.

My serious interest in  the great tradition was sparked greatly by listening
to Srimad Bhagavatham,Sri Ramanyanam,Alwar vaibhavam cassetes of Sri.
Krishna preemi maharaj  also called anna. The depth and the beauty of what i
heard made me realise the greatness of my vaishnava tradition that has been
made available to us by great alwars and  acharyaas.  I got to like them so much
that lisening to them has become a part of my routine. This interest
developed in me has increased in me the interest for kathasravanam and
namasangeerthanam. During my initial stages their was a lot of unnecessary
making fun of me by my friends, who dont seem to understand the beauty of our
tradition. At the time when i was looking for sathsangam to hear more and
more about lords karunai, i happen to see from one of the postings in  
Vaishnavaa Home page about the prapatti group. I understand that because of
 my ignorance in the great tradition of vaishanvism i wouldnt be able to
contribute usefull knowledge to the group, but iam thrilled because of the
new found sathsangam and oppurtunity it will provide me to listen and learn from a lot of knowledgeable people in the group. Iam eternally thankfull to everybody
for providing me this oppurtunity . Iam eagerly looking forward to the
discussions in the group.


My contact address is :
Rangarajan Sudarsan
1333 , N tyndall avenue Apt 207
Tucson. Az 85719
phone: (520)-884-0220
office: (520)-621-8469