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From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Thu Jan 11 1996 - 15:56:26 PST

Sampath's posting...

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There has not been much discussion on the possible roles of the group excpet
from the regular participants in the discussion. However, as I understand the
preliminary scope is to establish an organisation first and carry over the CD
project through this inc. . Some other member can explain this .

I have a thought about Thondar Kuzhaam's sustenance as an organisation in the
long run. One day or other one by one We may all go and the torch serving the
causes of srivaishnavism should be carried over for ever. The only way we can
ensure is to establish this forum in a secured manner. Security in moderen
society is defined in terms of the monetary position. I propose that all the
members of this group may automatically get registered "themselves" as a member
of thondar kuzhaam also. In addition, there are so many members who want to
contribute for this group in some way as a return for the knowledge they gain,
and they can also do so, if the thondar kuzhaam has a nominal membership fee of
US $ 10 per member per month for active member and  US $ 5 for dialogue
partners who may not be willing to join the kuzhaam but be a member of the
E-mail group, ( these fees can be subsidized for an annual basis), and for
students and house wives membership should be  free,if two or three or more
members are from the same family they pay only one fee of US $ 10 or US $ 5  or
annual fee, and members from India pay Rs. 10 per month to the organisation.

I feel this is OK. This will formalize the donations as such and help the
organization in the long run. The fee for those in India is too small i
think. Rs.10 has no value even in India. It could be atleast Rs.30. just a

The immediate need is to arrange for the material cost for the CD's (I am sure
Dr. Sadagopan will write his estimates as to how many CD's we intend to make in
the first publication , their estimates on material cost etc.). The remaining

The CD project's objective is to popularize the thamizh maRai and spread
the significance of our 108 dhivya dhEsams. we can't think of any profits
from that, i feel. If somebody has worked out  detailed commercial aspects
of it and have elaborate plans of selling it, it may probably have. I don't
know. Hence this membership fees becomes even more important not only for
the sustenance but for funding other projects that would be taken up under
the SVTK. 

proceedings after meeting the CD project , from such member ship fees  may be
divided in "proportions" to all the causes that has been suggested by members
including subsidising the "thondar madal" a monthly journal proposed from

don't we want to have the srivaishNavam or something connected to it
somewhere in the name of the magazine?..

non-controversial articles.  Mr. Krish's proposals are welcome. We have been a
team so far and I hope we should continue to do so. I have had some discussions
  with some members on this membership fee. Nothing more can be a good start
for the kuzhaam than an unanimous reply from everyone for acceptance of a
membership and its  fee.

Please note that this mebership fee is only a suggestion from myself and a few
others as of now. The opinions of each members are welcome.

May I request "every member " to reply one way or other to Mr. Parthasarathy
Dileepan, ASAP their opinion on the name, membership fee and possible future
scope etc., as he has to file the inc. very soon.

Sampath Rengi

Every one of us should voice our opinion in this respect. Since Mr. PD
doesn't have much time left, we all MUST write to him about this. we need
to come to some kinda settlement and proceed from thereon. This can even be
a personal mail to PD. 
Mr. PD, could you post the details of the responses that u received  by the
end of this week? Please DO Cooperate.


Vijay Triplicane