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Re Name for SVTK
Date: Thu Jan 11 1996 - 20:12:21 PST

I am not in favour any English prefixes or suffixes.  Words like
progressive sound political, Munetra even more so.  SVTK is long
enough and may not remain as Srivaishnava Thondar Kuzham just as
Hindustan Machine Tools was forced to change its name legally to hmt
India ltd many years ago.

Learned and elderly members of the group have given their blessings
to the name and we should perhaps not debate over the name for too

It is an ancient Vedic practice that the youngest member of a group
or family gives out his or her opinion first in any discussion and
these points are considered and a decision is reached by the head of
the group or family based on his understanding of Dharma shastras.
Democracy was therefore practiced but limited to what Sriman Narayana
desires as interpreted by the wisest (or eldest person) in the group.

Perhaps this point could be used as a precedent to prevent
discussions from getting overheated or personal or where a decision
has to be reached like in selecting a name by a deadline.