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Pushya Bagula Panchami day posting!

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jan 10 1996 - 19:27:58 PST

Dear Prapatti Group members:

Today is the great day, when a Parama Vaisnava ,
who performed Saranagathi at the lotus feet of 
Sri Ramachandra became  a Nitya Suri to offer his
Kainkaryam. I am referring ofcourse to Saint Thygaraja
of Thiruvaiyaaru, whose 149th anniversary we are celebrating
today ! .

Vast is the repertoire of his songs, where the Various Angas of Saranagathi
 practised by him are housed.. It will take us a long tome to  focus on  the
Sri Vaishnavite principles contained in his Songs . The Second 
Pancha Ratnam is a classical example of the statement of the limbs of
Saranagathi and his practise of Saranagathi.