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kainkaryam for the needy temples

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Tue Jan 09 1996 - 14:02:56 PST

Sampath Rengi wrote to me:

If you had mentioned to me Iwould have made arrangements for your stay at our
house in Kumbakonam, my parents are there and I hail from there.
In fact my dad is wanting to send some material for te project I had requested.
I have heard about this group doing services to shivate temples before (ie some
of the members). Anyway, it is we who have to "identify" the temple as we have
to take things in our hands. The project can be handed over to them as a
contract. But we take the responsibility of identifying the shekthrams. I think
that will make things better. They donot think the same way we think. Some one
wanted to repaint some walls pf temple. But there are much more needy
kainkaryams yet to be done for other temples which are basic. So we should
decide it. We can talk to them as a trail basis for one project on a contract.
Let us see. If you have their phone numbers and address can you mail me.
Besides for your info.,  my phone number and fax number  are 810-476-8910
Sampath Rengi

	I wasn't aware of the actual schedule. It was all dynamically

	you are right that we have to talk to them on a trial basis for one
	project on a contract. what i feel is unless we are there in India
	it is really difficult to identify the actual needs of the temples.
	In a general outlook both thiruneermalai and thirukkadalmallai
	looked equally needy. but my uncle who frequents to both these
	temples and is in contact with those bhattaachaars feels that
	thirukkadalmalli is much more needy than the other. atleast
	thiruneermalai is close to the city and is getting lil more
	attention and also work is proceeding to some extent smoothly there.
	whereas kadalmallai is kinda remote comparatively and lotso work
	need to be done there. It is significant being the aazhwaar
	avathaara sthalam. I think it is under baalaalayam for a long time
	and no proper uthsavams are being carried out. 

	These people would have done some survey and will be having some
	details. we can get hold of that and assess the needs and priorotize
	them based on the amount of money needed, the urgency, feasibility
	etc. Then we can dictate our plan and use them as a channel to see
	that something useful is done. what i am trying to say is that we
	need a trustworthy organization to get authentic, genuine info about
	the needy temples and to make sure that the money that we send is
	properly spent for the intended cause. we can take care of the
	decision making. we shall also make sure that there is no
	duplication of efforts. 

	one problem is this: once people come to know that we have plans of
	spending money for the temples, everybody wants something to be done
	for their native town / their abhimaana temple... i got some
	requests like that. so lets make sure that we stick on first to the
	paadal peRRa sthalams and then to abhimaana sthalams and so on. Also
	once we collect info on all the needy temples lets decide on our
	priorities. The basic needs like vasthram, nithya aaraadhanai should
	be taken care of first. 

	I have Mrs Y G Parthasarathy's address: 14 C, North Crescent Road,
	T. Nagar, madras- 600 017. 

	I am not sure whether this is her residence number or work number.
	Anyway it is: 827 3596. i can clarify this when i call home the next
	week. You may probably talk to her and get a better idea. 


	Vijay Triplicane