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Whats in the name...

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Mon Jan 08 1996 - 08:53:09 PST

On January 16, 1996 (Thai 1st) I am planning to file the
charter for Sri Vaishnava Thondar Kuzhaam.  Once filed,
we cannot make changes to the name or the charter.  The
by-laws may be amended by the members as laid down in
the charter.

In this note I wish to submit to the group some of the
thinking that went into the selection of the name.  I also
would like to request some discussion.

A pure Tamil name is to emphasis the non-sectarian
nature of our mission, which is to serve the cause of Sri
Vaishnavam, as directed by our Lord Sriman Narayana
and seen by the members of the kuzhaam.  Further,
service aspect of Sri Vaishnavam is celebrated most
vigorously in the Tamil paasurams of the aazhvaars.  It is
for this reason the name was constructed with words
aazhvaars used.

Thondar is a term that all Sri Vaishnavas are familiar
with.   It exemplifies the very essence of Sri Vaishnava
life.  We have seen several posts emphasizing this in the
past.  No further elaboration is necessary.

The term Kuzhaam simply stands for gathering of like
minded individuals.  Azhvaars have used this term in
many paasurams.  Periyaazhvaar calls out to everyone
with "Edu nilaththiliduvathan munnam vandhu engaL
KUZHAAM pugundhu" in the 4th paasuram of Thirup
pallaaNdu.  Other examples by several other aazhvaars
include, "dhEvar kuzhaam," imaiyOr kuzhaam," and
even "asurar kuzhaam."    The clincher, however, is
KulasEkaraazhvaar's perumaaL thirumozhi paasuram 1.9,
where he uses the very phrase "thoNdar kuzhaam!"

thooraatha manakkaathal THONDAR thangaL
KUZHAAM kuzhumith thiruppukazhgaL palavum paadi
aaraatha manakkaLippO dazhutha kaNNeer
mazhaisOra ninainthuruki yEththi naaLum
seeraarntha muzhavOsai paravai kaattum
thiruvaranga tharavaNaiyil paLLi koLLum
pOraazhi yammaanaik kaNdu thuLLip
poothalaththi lenRukolO puraLum naaLE.

"thoNdars congregate in a kuzhaam with deep love;
they worship and sing our Lord's praise again and again
with their hearts ebbing with heavenly bliss and joyous
tears raining downn from their eyes;
I long for the day that I will be part of such a kuzhaam
and lay my eyes upon the Lord with great discus,
slumbering upon a serpent bed in Srirangam;  this sight
shall make me leap and role down the earth with joy

Thus, both "thondar" and "kuzhaam" reflect not just the
mission of the proposed organization, but our deep love
for aazhvaar Tamil as well.

I once again request the group for comments and
suggestions for the name and the charter.  Changes, if
needed, cannot be made after January 16th.  Let me
assure the group that I will not be offended with any
comment.  If you are new please go through the bhakthi
archives for the charter and by-laws.  These are also
available by FTP from THONDAR.BUSI.UTC.EDU in
the directory ADMIN.

-- Parthasarti Dileepan