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Some interesting references

From: krish (
Date: Sat Jan 06 1996 - 15:12:17 PST

I want to pass on some of these reference that may interest
you. I do feel we should buy these in a way to support such
effort. Of course I leave it upto you.

1. The Kalpataru Research Academy, PB No.1857, Bangalore
560018 publishes a series on theri project on Agama, Alaya
and Aradhana. Vol X is Archana. Both Sanskrit text and
English Translation are interspersed. I bought them
from one of the book stores (higginbothams ) in Madras.
2. "Tamil Veda" by Vausudha Narayan and John Carmen
is an extension of the work at Harvard on Ramnuja, 
Vaishanvism etc. 
3. I read a paper made avilable thru Vasudha N on
P.B.Anna, who composed Suprabhatham."P.B. Anna, the
period in which he lived" Dr.S.Krishnaswami Iyengar,
Journal Indian History Vol.18, 1939, p.378-83.
It may interest some of you on the T vs V querries.
John Carmen claims that Ramanuja was from a Smartha
krishna Praba