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Re: Prapatthi Yogam

Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 15:54:11 PST

     Sri Vijayaraghavan's brief explanation of prapatthi yogam is
     wonderful. It serves as a reminder of the yeomen service rendered by
     our aachaaryaas in the cause of making such a gUda (rahasya) vishayam
     so easily understandable to all. Our aachaaryaas', in particular (in
     this matter), Sri Swami Desikan's parama kaarunyam cannot be described
     by words. Long live our aachaaryaas and their fame.

     Sri Vijayaraghavan further writes:

     This is elaborated by Swami Vedanta Desika in His karika called Nyasa
     Dasakam and also in "Adaikalapatthu."  In prapatti yogam  Sriman
     Narayana is the tattvam, upayam(hitam) and also upeyam (purushartham).
      Recently I delivered a talk at one of the Sai Retreats on
     Saranagathy. <<< If there is enough interest may be I can post that
     for all of your info.>>>

     Definitely. We would all love to know more about prapatthi yogam and
     your talk. The entire talk in text, if you find time.


     Dilipa dasan.