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Correction et al

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Jan 05 1996 - 05:48:02 PST

Dear Prapatti Group Members:
1. In my posting on Aachaaram, There  was a typo.
I meant to say that the 26th Jeeyar succeded his
father, who was the 25th Jeeyar. The 27th Jeeyar
was the son of the 26th Jeetar.This does not happen too
often.The distingushing fact was that all of them, from the
grandfather to the Grandson, were all great scholars 
from a small Agrahaharam known as Gadhadharapuram,
close to Kumbakonam.Recently, a descendant of that 
family renovated their  Brindhavanams, which are next to
each other.

2. A question to Sri malolan: Where is Injimedu? My grandfather took 
Bharanyasam from the Jeeyar  from there.

3. Question on Bharanyasam Steps: A friend of mine had the 
express permission from the 44th Jeeyar to Videotape the 
Bharanyasam ceremony performed by this Jeeyar.
Inview of the sacredness of the ceremony,  the Jeeyar has 
commanded him to show it only to those , who have undergone 
Bharanyasam. If you write to me  offline, I can approach my 
friend for permission to benefit from this video by
those, who have performed Bharanyasam .I must mention that 
I may not be successful that the general request might be turned 
down. Hence I do not want to raise the hopes too much. 
I have taken the liberty of Mentioning this rare archival material.
I have not had the opportunity to ask my friend first. I will see,
how extensive the interest, before I broach the subject. Please write 
to me a personal note. Thanks.