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From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 18:54:46 PST

Sri Vijayaraghavan and  Sri Sudharsan as well as Sri Jagannath
have commented on Aacharam for our Sampradhayam. I like 
Sri  Jagannathath's reference on Aachaaram and Jnanam being 
like the two wings of the  bird for  a successful take off. I also 
like his comment that some Aacharams are fundamental and 
others that have to be adopted consistent with the time place and circumstance.
The beauty of our Aahnika Granthas is that they give a way out ,
when the  circumstances are dire and reduce the possibility of
practising the prescribed Aaachara under that circumstnace. They 
offer Praayacchittas for the lapse, which was unavoidable.
It is in this context the rules on Madi, Theettu, Mantra Japam et al 
have to be understood. There are some fundamental things that can be practised 

The Ahobila Matam tradition follows the Sadhaacharam established by 
Sri Ramanuja in his Nitya Grantham, Saccharitra Rakshaa and Pancharaatra Rakshaa
Swami Desikan . The Grantham known as Sri Vaishnava Sadaachara Nirnayam 
by the Twenty Sixth Pontiff (Sri Ranganatha  Satakopa Yatindra  Maha Desikan)
offers the essence of our Poorvaacharyas including that of the  earlier Jeeyars
Ahobila Mutt. In that classic work, the 26th Jeeyar  also refers to the other
works such as
Smruthi Ratnaakaram by Vaidhika Saarvabaumar , Prapanna Dharma Saara Samucchayam
by Sri vaikunta Dikshithar, the work by Naithruva Sri Veeraraghavaachaar , 
Saccharitra Sudhanidhi and the Ahnika Khandham by Sri Vaidyanthar . The 26 th 
Jeeyar"s father succeded  the 25th Jeeyar. The son of the 26th Jeeyar also
ascended the 
throne of the Ahobila Matam . All the three Jeeyars had special blessings of 
Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan. Injimedhu  Azhagiyasingar and Navalpakkam Aiyaa 
Swamigal , our 44 th Jeeyar have treasured and protected the work of
the 26 th Jeeyar , which serves as the source of the Sannadhi Ahnikam 
and Aachaaram.

I will point out a few items from this celebrated Work on Sadaacharam in a later

Srimathe Lakshminrusimha Parabrahmaneh Nama:
Srimathe SrivaN Satakopa Sri Veeraraghava Satakopa Yatindra Mahaa Desikaaya