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Prapatti Yogam

From: Vijay Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 12:02:11 PST

Injimedu wanted to know about Prapatti Yogam:

Prapatti Yogam is described in the Ahirbhunhya Samhita of the Pancharatra Agama 
(Sandilya is the author).  Vaishnavas attach great importance to this Agama.  
There are 5 angas in Prapatti and the sixth is called the angi.  Nyasa vidya 
(one of the 32 vidyas) is also described in the Brahma Sutras of Badarayana. 
The 5 angas are:

(1) Anukulyasya Sankalpa (To act according to what pleases the Lord).

(2) Praatikulyasya varjanam ( (1) stated in a negative way.  i,e. to avoid any 
action that would displease the Lord)

(3) Maha Vishwasam (Unflinching faith in the Lord - Sriman Narayana)

(4) Goptrutva varanam (Inviting the Lord as the Upaya)

(5) Karpanya (Humility) and

(6) Atma Nikshepa ( surrendering your will to the divine will).

This is elaborated by Swami Vedanta Desika in His karika called Nyasa Dasakam 
and also in "Adaikalapatthu."  In prapatti yogam  Sriman Narayana is the 
tattvam, upayam(hitam) and also upeyam (purushartham).  Recently I delivered a 
talk at one of the Sai Retreats on Saranagathy.  If there is enough interest 
may be I can post that for all of your info.  

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan