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From: Raghu Seshadri (
Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 11:54:22 PST

>From: (Vish Vishwanath)

Since Buddha is recent historic figure, it should be easy to point to  
(a) just who were the "bad ones" and  (b) how was their "downfall" 
implemented.  .... unless, the Buddha who is considered an avatara 
is not the same as Gautama, the Buddha. 

>>> Raghu Seshadri <> 01/03/96 01:51pm >>>

The Buddha is said to
have preached un-vedic and therefore untruthful things to sow 
confusion and bring about the downfall
of the bad ones.

The Buddha referred to is the one and only
Buddha. The rationale of the argument is
as follows -

the Vedas are the truth.
the Buddha preached unvedic things.
to receive unvedic teachings, to believe
them and to do unvedic acts is a sure
way to one's downfall in the next births.
So whoever followed the Buddha was
destined for this downfall and was
by definition a bad one.

Later on, more liberal elements
appeared on the hindu scene ( as they
always do, God bless them ) and
went so far in rectifying matters
as to incorporate the Buddha into