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From: Raghu Seshadri (
Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 11:54:30 PST

-From MFPD@UTCVM.UTC.EDU Thu Jan  4 09:42 PST 1996

  -Thanks for your clarification on the NI view
  -of Buddha avathaara.  Contrary to some Buddha
  -is indeed considered as an avathaaram, not one
  -of the dasa, by Sri Vaishnavaas.
-- Dileepan

If you go to the temple associated with
the residence of the Jeer at Srirangam,
there is a massive shrine dedicated
to the 10 avatars. Gautama is not
present there, the place being taken
by Balarama. How come ? Can the Jeer's
temple not conform to the Srivaishnava
view ?