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Re: avathAram

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 11:15:07 PST

I think the point made by Parimala Rangarajan was
a good one. I.e., that Buddha may not be acceptable
as an avataaram in the context of the Vedas, but may
be acceptable in a universal sense.  I see no contradiction
in this.  Truth is not limited by the text of the Vedas.
The Buddha propagated enormous truths -- ahimsa, the middle
path, etc., which have become part of the global Indian
culture.  In addition, he was rebelling against the
decadent, mindless ritualism that even Sri Geetacharyan
speaks against.

So, while we may not worship him in the same way 
Rama or Krishna are worshipped, he can be revered
as one who reestablished some of the cardinal principles
of dharma, which, after all, do not depend on the
text of the Vedas for their truth.