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From: Vish Vishwanath (
Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 07:52:47 PST

******* Since Buddha is recent historic figure, it should be easy to point to  (a) just who were the "bad
ones" and  (b) how was their "downfall" implemented.  .... unless, the Buddha who is considered an
avatara is not the same as Gautama, the Buddha. 

>>> Raghu Seshadri <> 01/03/96 01:51pm >>>

-But, Buddha is considered, even by Sri
-Vaishnavaas, as an avathaaram, albeit, one in which the
-Lord preached lies to the asuraas.  This is not a
-very broad minded acceptance of Buddha, but consistent
-with our view of Buddism.  I am not sure how the north
-Indians accept Buddha as one of the avatharams without
-prejudice to the vEdhaas.

In exactly the same way as the southerners do; there is no difference at all. The Buddha is said to
have preached un-vedic and therefore untruthful things to sow confusion and bring about the downfall
of the bad ones. of the mail was edited out ...