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108CD update

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 08:26:53 PST

Over the break I was able to scan all the pictures that
have been sent to me.  The scans are now available at the
FTP site:  The root directory is
108CD.  At the root you will find the text file
DIRLIST1.TXT.  This file contains the directory
structure.  I have not included the actual file names
in this file.  The main subdirectories are as follows:

AAZHVAAR       Aazhvaars
ABIMANA        Aabimana sthalams; non 108
ADMIN          Administrative, unrelated to temples
BOOK           Pictures from Varahi publication
CHERA          Kerala
CHOLA          Chola temples
HEAVENS        Thiruppaarkadal and Vaikundam
INCOMING       Directory for uploading
MADAMS         Religious organizations
MISC           Miscellaneous
NORTH          North of Madras
PALLAVA        Palava country including South Arcot
PANDIYA        South of Trichy
TEMP           Temporary files

Within each of the above directories I have one
subdirectory for each temple.  The exception being the
three groups of temples, Kanchi, Nangoor, and Nava
thiruppathi near Thirunelveli.  The subdirectories
for these temples are further grouped into the directories,
KANCHI, NANGURS, and NAVPATI respectively.

Each temple's subdirectory contains a subdirectory for
each contributor within which the content files are
stored.  For instance, NP = files from Sri Nrusimha Priya,
VS = files from Sri V. Sadagopan, RENGI = files from
Sri Sampath Rengi, MANI = files from Mani, and SK =
files from Sri Sreekrishna.

I have also setup a directory called INCOMING for
uploading any picture or text files that you may have.
If you want to upload do the following:

1.   Log into the FTP machine as THONDAR.
     The pw is nathamun.  (Do not use anonymous FTP)
2.   Change to the subdirectory INCOMING.
3.   Transfer the files.  ASCII for text and Binary for picture.
4.   Send me an e-mail indicating the file names and
     temple names.

With the possible exception of Srimad aHobila
I have very little, if any, material about other
mutts.  Knowledgeable people in the group, please
send me text and pictures about other mutts.  Any
resource relating to the history, line of acharyaas,
etc. will be valuable.

-- Parthasarati Dileepan

p.s. The quality of the scans depend upon two factors,
(i) the quality of the print from which the scan was
made, and (ii) the hardare used to view the scans.