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Prathivadhi Bayankaram

From: krish (
Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 08:21:05 PST

Praathiv adhi Bayankaram Anna, the composer of many Suprabhatams,
including Venkata-chalapathy's, was supposed to have beaten
a Jain Mayavadhi ina debate and thus get the title P.B.
He won it by hectoring ( term used by a biographer in a paper
of 1938 origin). The debate started with the jain's
remark " Ka Poorvaha?" to stun the young PB. He replied
"Kanchi Purnaha". The rest of the debate is lost!
Ka Purvaha can mean egg or the chicken question or 
whre are you from. Kanchi Purnaha is supposed to mean 
I am from Kachi(puram0. At this answer, the attendees
were surprised at the quick and witty answer, so the story
This note is reagrding the word Kanchi-Purnaha. In his
book on Ramaanuja, Dr. John Carman refers toTirukacci Nambi
as Kanchipurna, page 29 line 6.
PB Anna might have referred to Ramannuja's guru,
as the source of his knowledge of Parm-brahman.
Any comments?
I met severla of my cousins, all PB's last week in Ca.
I would like to assemble a list.
Also any Durgams or Mudambi's?
Krishna Praba