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Re: Buddha and Vishnu Avataars

From: Parimala Rangarajan Ranga 61-89-995343 (
Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 07:06:22 PST

Dear Readers,

With due respect to all your views and to those from differing scriptures and 
texts, I would like to mention the following re the dashavatharam.

The ten incarnations are not merely that of emperuman Narayana but Narayana the cosmic being, who is common to the Buddhists, Jains, Zens, Muslims, Christians 
etc.. But as each of these sects define Him in a different manner, it is 
understandable as to why our acharyas have not mentioned Buddha in their
 writings and teachings.

One must look at it with a more global perspective and visualise the 
incarnations to be the evolution of species. Matsya is the basic rudimentary 
stage of a fish and through time, evolution occurs and we eventually have a 
Buddha -- the enlightened soul; one who is the ultimate form of the evolutionary process.

With regards,