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Re: Buddha and Vishnu Avataars

From: Ravikanth V. Kothuri (
Date: Wed Jan 03 1996 - 15:12:45 PST

On Jan 3,  2:27pm, Venkatesh Elayavalli/DCOM wrote:
> Subject: Buddha and Vishnu Avataars

> However, i was reading the book titled "The Structural Depths of
> Indian Thought" by P.T. Raju, who includes Buddha as an avataar of
> vishnu in place of Krishna. Buddhists completely reject the vedas,
> and hence would not even think about considering buddha as an avataar
> of Vishnu. The vedaanta schools do not consider buddha as an
> avataar. It seems that the majority of authors from outside India
> have the opinion that Buddha was an avataar of Vishnu.

As far as I know, Bhakta Jayadeva who existed sometime around 9-12th Century
lists Buddha as the ninth incarnation in his Dasavataaralahari. Balarama is
also included (Haldhara) as an avatara here and mentions that all these
avataras are of Krishna/Kesava/Narayana. (Krishna is not mentioned as an
explicit avatara).

The Bhagavatam gives a list of around 24 avataras which includes
Hayagriva, Dattatreya, Rsaba (first tirthankara of Jains), Kapila, Buddha
among others. The dasaavataras enlisted by the acaryas are the prominent ones,
as I understand.

(I agree with Sri Mani regarding the Dasavatara festival)
With respect to Dasavatara festival, I feel any way of utilizing our holidays
and time in remembering/meditating on the Lord and His pasttimes is a good
exercise as long as we don't dilute the importance of the festivals of
traditional authority. Just as everything has its place in Nature, even the
days (time) have their significance in this system controlled by God.

btw, Happy New Year to all of you.


-----------------------kirtaniyah sada Hari---------------------------