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Re: Avataaraas

Date: Wed Jan 03 1996 - 14:03:17 PST

     Reply to the following question:

     Among the south Indian 10, I am more puzzled with
     Parasu Raamar than some of the others. 1. Is the concept of implicit
     obedience to father the main contribution of this avatharam? 2. Was he
     an avaathaaram only until his encounter with Sri Raamar?  This must be
     so as he was unable to defeat Bheeshmar later. 3. Would that not make
     him less than the other avathaarams?

     1. Not at all. Even though there is a tamil film song in the film
     "Thirumaal Perumai" that goes,

                        Thaai thandhai sollE uyar vEdam
                        EnRu kaattiyadhinnumoru avadhaaram
                        Parasuraama avadhaaram....    Kannadaasan?

     that was not the chief reason behind the avathaaram. This avathaaram
     became a necessity in order to offset the chaos and confusion that
     reined on the earth due to Kshattriyaas becoming adhaarmic and failing
     in their duties. This was also the reason behind Lord Parasuraamar
     slaying 21 (or 22?) generations of kings. Also his mission was to
     alleviate the suffering of Braahmanaas at the hands of tyrant kings.
     The sheer violent nature of this avathaaram must have forced our
     forebearers to stop worshipping him as an avathaaram of Lord Vishnu
     and instead choose Lord Raama and Krishnaa for daily worship. But it
     is sad that the very braahmanaas and other pious/gentle people that he
     so conscientously protected, failed to reciprocate the generosity by
     not even remembering his contribution.

     2. No. He is blessed (or cursed?) to be a Chiranjeevi (not the
     actor!). He is believed to exist as a formless force (or being) in the
     verdant land of KEraLam. He is generally attributed as the original
     sthaapaka (installer?) of the Ayyappa shrine.

     3. Unacceptable. If you agree with the fact that he is an avathaaram
     of Lord Vishnu as a brahmin warrior, he can in no way be considered
     inferior to Lord Vishnu's Kshattriya forms of Sri Rama and Sri

     I have tried to answer the questions based on whatever knowledge I
     have on this subject. Other learned members of our group would know
     more. Pardon me if I have inadvertantly written anything offensive.