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From: Raghu Seshadri (
Date: Wed Jan 03 1996 - 12:51:39 PST

-But, Buddha is considered, even by Sri
-Vaishnavaas, as an avathaaram, albeit, one in which the
-Lord preached lies to the asuraas.  This is not a
-very broad minded acceptance of Buddha, but consistent
-with our view of Buddism.  I am not sure how the north
-Indians accept Buddha as one of the avatharams without
-prejudice to the vEdhaas.

In exactly the same way as the southerners do;
there is no difference at all. The Buddha
is said to have preached un-vedic and therefore
untruthful things to sow confusion and bring
about the downfall of the bad ones.

-Among the south Indian 10, I am more puzzled with
-Parasu Raamar than some of the others.  Is the concept of
-implicit obedience to father the main contribution of this
-avatharam?  Was he an avaathaaram only until his
-encounter with Sri Raamar?  This must be so as he was
-unable to defeat Bheeshmar later.  Would that not make
-him less than the other avathaarams?

What is the story of his encounter
with Bhishmar ? I haven't heard of it.