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Introduction: SRINIVAS

From: srinivas sampath (
Date: Wed Jan 03 1996 - 10:44:48 PST

Dear Prapatti Members,

Mr. Mani recently introduced me to this group. My name is Srinivas, and I 
come from Tamil Iyengar family. My mother is from the Prativadi Bhayankaram 
family, and my father is from Nangamangalam Kandadai family. I have been 
born and brought up in New Delhi. I can read and write Tamil(of course, not 
as good as someone from Tamil Nadu). I must admit that I have not attended 
any spiritual discourses, and have very limited knowledge of our Vaishnava 
Sampradaya. That's precisely the reason why I have joined the group, to 
learn more about the Sampradaya, from all of you. 

I am in my second year of Phd at the University of London.