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Introducing myself

From: Sridharan R (
Date: Tue Jan 02 1996 - 21:08:45 PST

Dear friends,
      I have joined this group today. I am R.Sridharan working in Novell
India at Bangalore. I was born in a SriVaishnavite family in a village near
Kumbakonam, but we have been living in Madras ever since my
childhood. From the days of my childhood, I have been into attending
spiritual discourses, reading Nalaayira Divya Prabhanda (though I can't
claim to have any in-depth knowledge about them), reading the
IthihAsas and reciting slokas. I look forward to learn a lot more about our
Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya with the help of this mailing list.